Because of the ongoing clinical and economic concerns caused by the COVID19 public health emergency, I have made the difficult decision to close the practice. If you are an established patient, I can provide some limited assistance by phone consultation as you transition your care, and will send your medical records to any practice of your choosing or release them to you directly for free.

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Dr. Durkin is a board certified sports and emergency medicine physician with a decade of formal medical education and years of experience treating athletes and patients of all types.

"My goal as your doctor is to work with you to overcome your medical challenges and return you to your personal best and beyond so that you can enjoy all the amazing sport and recreation opportunity our community affords."

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Eligibility, Pricing and Insurance

As we believe in providing premier quality care with reasonable and transparent pricing, Durango sports medicine does not bill any type of insurance directly. This allows us to provide expert attention to your needs in a more timely and frequently more affordable manner.

Prices for office services are posted on the website. We can usually obtain quotes for outside services (such as labs, xray, MRI, braces, etc.), so you can know the cost of your care before you receive it.

Payment is accepted in cash, check, credit, debit as well as HSA/FSA card.

If you have private insurance, you can request a “superbill” of charges to seek reimbursement from your insurance company.

Unfortunately, because of regulatory complexities, we are not currently able to see patients who are beneficiaries of medicare, medicaid (Colorado Health First), Child Health Plus, or the Colorado Old Age Pension program. This exclusion applies even if those beneficiaries wish to pay for services out of pocket. It is hoped that this will change in the future.

Hours are by appointment. Frequently same or next day appointments are available. Please call the office or use our online scheduling portal to select a convenient appointment time.

Rates on Selected Services:

  • New Patient Office Visit $155
  • New patient visit typically is 30-60 minutes with the physician. This includes discussion of your sports and medical history, a detailed exam targeted to your problem, discussion of likely causes, prescribing of any needed diagnostic tests, medications or braces/equipment. When appropriate it may also include diagnostic ultrasound exam, gait/movement evaluation, and initial therapy exercise prescription.

  • Injection / Aspiration with ultrasound guidance $125 (includes steroid/numbing medication. Viscosupplementation or other medications additional)
  • Injection / Aspiration without ultrasound guidance $100
  • Follow up visit: $75
  • Office ultrasound exam - included with evaluation fee.
  • Tendon or sheath injection $125
  • Nerve /tunnel injection $125
  • Ganglion cyst aspiration $125
  • Trigger point injection with medication 1-2 areas $65
  • Trigger point injection with meds, multiple areas $75
  • Dry needling $20


Sports Injury Diagnosis & Non-surgical Treatment

Most sports injuries do not require surgery, so waiting to see a surgeon isn’t helpful. A sports medicine physician has the expertise and tools to diagnose and treat injuries like sprain, strains, simple fractures, nerve entrapments, tendon pathology, shoulder impingement, joint pain, and back and neck problems. Surgical injuries like complicated fractures, complete tendon or ligament ruptures can be diagnosed, stabilized, and pre-operative rehab began before you meet with a surgeon.

Most of these types of injuries require some period of rehab or modified activity during recovery. A sports medicine physician can counsel you on how best to stay active and strong while progressing your recovery safely and efficiently. A sports physician can also help you find problems in training, technique, stability or equipment that contributed to your injury.

As a non-operative specialist, a sports medicine physician is going to optimize your treatment to help you avoid surgery whenever possible, and give you unbiased advice about when surgical treatment is an important consideration.

Medical problems in Athletes

Long runs lead to severe GI distress. Spin class makes you break out in hives. Ultramarathon attempts end in rhabdomyosis. Asthma medication isn’t getting your daughter through practice anymore. Vague fatigue for weeks limiting performance.

These are just a few examples of a variety of medical problems that only become symptomatic during exercise. If giving up your activities isn’t an acceptable solution, consult a sports medicine physician to develop a plan to investigate these problems and be at your best.

Concussion Management & Return to Play

Concussion is a common sports injury that requires special expertise for optimal management. A thorough concussion evaluation should include symptom assement as well as neurocognitive, balance, and vestibulo/ocular testing, and a physicial exam by a physician to evaluate for other problems contributing to the patients symptoms.

A sports medicine physician can provide an appropriate concussion evaluation and counsel you appropriately about how to safely progress your activities and return to sport. Seeking the proper expertise can also help you learn what medications and activity modifications can help reduce your symptoms.

Diagnostic Ultrasound

Ultrasound systems are getting more affordable and portable while producing better image quality each year. A sports medicine physician can use ultrasound to evaluate tendon, muscle, nerve and blood vessel problems during your office visit, and results are immediately available.

Ultrasound is significantly more affordable and convenient than an MRI, and also allows the patient to move to reproduce symptoms during the exam.

Joint / Ganglion Injection / Aspiration

A sports medicine physician is trained to inject or aspirate (pull the fluid out of) joints both to test the fluid for problems like gout, and place medications. Many patients with osteoarthritis find that getting a steroid (“cortisone”) injection a few times a year is a simple and effective way to reduce pain and stay active. With the ultrasound machine accuracy and safety of the injection is improved, with a significant cost savings compared to using video x-ray.

Ganglion cysts are collections of fluid usually near a tendon sheath or joint, frequently the back of the wrist. Using the ultrasound to guide a needle to drain the fluid is a simple and affordable treatment option that allows patients to rapidly obtain relief without the cost or recovery of a surgery.

Trigger Point Injection / Dry Needling

Most muscle pain or tightness can be managed with appropriate exercises, stretching, foam roller or massage treatment by an experienced bodywork therapist. For some tough to treat muscle problems, a sports physician can inject numbing medication, cortisone, saline or just a needle without medication into a muscle to reduce its resting tension, relieve pain and improve function.

General Medicine

Cough, cold, sore throat, fever, UTI, stitches, skin infections. As we frequently have same or next day appointments available, you can come to Durango Sports Medicine for simple medical issues you might otherwise go to urgent care for.

Race/Event Medicine & Medical Direction

Sports medicine physicians are trained to plan the the medical and safety needs of races, tournaments, and other large crowd events, in addition to treating injuries on the field or sidelines. Dr Durkin has far more experience in this area than most sports physicians, as he is also a board certified and experienced emergency medicine physician, former paramedic, active EMS medical director for La Plata County Search & Rescue, and the author of the Pocket Guide to Event, Outdoor and Sports Medicine. Dr. Durkin has provided medical coverage as both a physician and paramedic to dozens of events, from local youth sports to international competition.

Durango Sports Medicine can provide services from as simple as a physician to stand by at your event to comprehensive medical and safety planning. Basic services may be provided to local, non-profit events without charge. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Athlete Education & Public Speaking

Dr. Durkin has a passion for educating medical professionals, athletes, patients and the public. He has given numerous invited presentations for various organizations including the NM Emergency Nurse’s Association, NM Search & Rescue Council, Mountain Rescue Association, University of Florida Emergency Medicine Residency, The American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, the American College of Sports Medicine and local organizations.

If you have a gym, club, or event and would like to arrange for Dr. Durkin to speak to your members and guests, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Partner Services: Xray, Advanced Imaging, Labs, Braces and DME

Durango Sports Medicine, PLLC has partnered with other area businesses to provide needed services and cost savings for our patients.

Medical Lab. We have a cash pay price list for common blood, urine and joint fluid tests with Cedar diagnostics here in Durango.

X-ray, CT, MRI. X-Ray Associates of New Mexico’s Farmington imaging center typically has significantly better rates for imaging services than area hospitals. They additionally offer a significant discount for payment at time of service.

Bracing. We can help you select and prescribe the brace most appropriate for your condition, and direct you to the most affordable venue to obtain it, whether you wish to pay directly or use insurance.

Mercy and Animas Hospitals. If you or your insurance network would prefer you obtain lab and imaging services at one of our area hospitals, or you have prior records, we can order tests and receive images and results from them as well.

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The office is permanently closed, effective April 27 2020.

Established patients can call (970)335-8106 or email to get records release or other transition of care needs addressed.

We also have a convenient online scheduling portal.

Prepare for your visit

Review our OFFICE POLICIES and government mandated PRIVACY NOTICE.

Print and fill out our MEDICAL HISTORY form. Its not mandatory, but it will make the most of the time during your visit by allowing us to focus on your current needs.

If you have a hip, knee, ankle, foot or leg problem, please bring or wear shorts. We have paper shorts available if you forget, but we charge $5 for these to discourage waste. A tank top is helpful for women with shoulder problems.

If you have a food diary, training plan, or symptom logs, please bring them for the doctor to review.

If you are a runner, bring your running shoes. If your symptoms are related to cycling, bring your bike. Generally if you have activity related symptoms, allowing the doctor to inspect your equipment and evaluate grip, fit and technique can sometimes be very helpful.