Concussion Education… here, there, everywhere! (pt 1)

Sports concussion is a front and center issue for non-surgical sports medicine physicians. We spend a lot of time learning about it in fellowship, seeing it in clinic, and discussing the latest research and management among colleagues.

Recently, I had the honor of being an invited speaker at two regional conferences to present to two very different audiences about current concepts in the management of concussion.

Early this month, InMotion physical therapy in Montrose hosted an educational conference primarily for athletic trainers and physical therapists. There were excellent talks including topics like minimally invasive spine surgery, groin pain syndromes in ultra runners (presented by local PT Laura Wenger , and orthobiologic therapies from Dr McLaughlin at Animas Spine.

I discussed the latest research in concussion, including HAVOC-S subtyping, subtype directed therapies, the role of exercise in concussion recovery, neuroendocrine and menstrual dysfunction in concussion, and outcome research on athletes who continued to play after being injured.

The InMotion conference was a great time and I would recommend it to anyone in the region with an interest in rehab and sports medicine topics.

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