Visiting Durango?

Recently, I have cared for a few patients who were visiting from out of town. Being ill or injured on vacation away from familiar doctors and the expense of out of network visits can be stressful. Most people who come to visit Durango and the surrounding areas are looking to enjoy some of our amazing outdoor activities, and even a minor exacerbation of a chronic problem can really interfere with this. 

With readily available appointments, online scheduling and transparent pricing not only for office visits but also for area Xray,  MRI and other needs, my practice can be a good option for the injured traveller. I can typically provide much quicker access that area orthopedic practices, much more detailed diagnosis and treatment plan than one is likely to get in an urgent care, and the personalized attention of 1 hour patient visits that are hard to find anywhere! 

Schedule online today if you are visiting our community and a new or old injury is keeping you from enjoying your time in this amazing area! 

Dr Durkin. 

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