Why should you choose an independent physician?

Many patients rather than choosing particular doctors might instead choose a particular health system or hospital. For the patient who doesn’t pay out of pocket much or who isn’t very engaged with their healthcare, this option offers convenience and allows all doctors treating the patient access to the entire medical record without any effort on behalf of the patient.

For patients who have to pay for a portion of their care and engaged enough to shop around, seeing an independent doctor can bring significant advantages. Hospital employed or contracted physicians are frequently encouraged to keep patients (revenue) at the institution for all the services they might need.

An independent physician is free of these restrictions. Your independent doctor is free to advise you about availability, price and quality of services like an MRI or surgery outside the affiliated hospital or even the local community. While it is frequently difficult to know the cost of a healthcare service before you buy, Durango Sports Medicine is constantly staying updated on cost and quality of healthcare services in the region so that we can help our patients make the best choices for their needs.

Most importantly, an independent doctor is free and incentivized to work for their patients without conflicting incentives to see patients more quickly, or meet other metrics or objectives mandated by their employer which are not necessarily in the best interest of patients.

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