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Seeing a family medicine with obstetrics doctor makes it easy for you and your baby to get care from the same doctor, at the same place.

You see the same doctor throughout pregnancy, after you deliver and for ongoing care. Your baby can get care from the same doctor, all the way through childhood.

Our family medicine with obstetrics doctors accept a small number of patients with low-risk pregnancies (pregnancies with lower chances of having problems). This helps us offer care that's tailored to you and your family.

While in labor, you'll often be your doctor's only patient in the hospital. This helps your doctor focus on you and your delivery.


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Our family medicine with obstetrics doctors share their passion for delivering babies and giving ongoing care for you, your baby and your whole family at all ages and stages of life.

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Video: Family medicine with obstetrics is unique

What makes family medicine with obstetrics unique is that I get to deliver my own patients. Women want someone in their delivery room whom they truly trust and knows cares for them and their family. They wanna see a familiar face when they are in this vulnerable and meaningful situation.

Only more recently, has it become more normalized to have family medicine physicians who do not do OB. It was much more common prior to the last 20 or 30 years for your family medicine or general practitioner to do OB, and come to the hospital with you to deliver your baby.

Doing family medicine, seeing children is a big part of my practice and one of my favorite parts, and getting a chance to know a baby even before he or she is born, and then going through diapers, potty training, graduations that's just as special to me as it is to their parents. We can take care of all sorts of different problems, and preventative healthcare. So, we can do your pap smear, we can do your annual physical. We can take care of you if you've sprained your ankle, or have a cold. All of those are absolutely within our scope.

Delivering babies is one of the most amazing, and special experiences that I have ever had and I absolutely love it. Handing over a newborn baby to their mom is indescribable.

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Having a healthy pregnancy

  • There are several advantages to having one doctor who can care for all of your needs. You can see the same doctor for everything from prenatal care (visits during pregnancy) to depression, from a cold to other issues.

    Over the years, you and your doctor can have a close relationship. When you're pregnant, you and your doctor will talk about your birth plan and issues, such as:

    • Do you want family involved in the delivery?
    • How can a doula help during labor and delivery?
    • Should you use drugs to numb parts of your body during labor and delivery?

    After delivery, the same doctor can help you with family planning choices. These may include:

    • Birth control implants
    • Birth control pills
    • IUDs
    • Tubal ligation and vasectomy, surgeries for when you don't want to have another pregnancy

    Our family medicine with obstetrics team can see you after you give birth and for ongoing care. Your same doctor can also:

    • See your newborn
    • Perform circumcisions
    • See others in your family
  • Genetics is the science that looks at traits you inherit (get from your parents at birth), like hair color. We offer genetic screening before you get pregnant to learn more about inherited diseases.

    Genetic screening can also be done at your first prenatal visit and later in your pregnancy.

  • Hormones are natural chemicals in the body that help it work. We can find out if you're pregnant by testing your urine or blood for a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG).

    The hCG hormone is produced by the placenta. It’s found in your blood or urine when you're pregnant.

  • We're pleased to be a part of this exciting time in your life. We look forward to offering you high-quality, compassionate care.

    Prenatal visits are important. They help us make sure you’re healthy and everything is fine during your pregnancy.

    During these visits, we’ll check your weight and blood pressure. We’ll also check your baby’s growth and listen to your baby’s heartbeat.

    If needed, we’ll order lab tests. Near the end of your pregnancy, we’ll also check your cervix, the lower part of the uterus where babies grow. As labor nears, the cervix may start to thin or stretch (efface) and open (dilate).

    You’ll have routine obstetric visits every four weeks until you reach 28 weeks. Once you reach 28 weeks, we’ll see you every two weeks until you reach 36 weeks.

    At 36 weeks, we'll see you once a week until you deliver. Be sure to write down any questions that come up between visits. Bring them with you to your next visit.

  • We know where you deliver your baby matters. Our teams deliver babies at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett.



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