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If you have an altered mental status or other nervous system disorder, you may see a neurologist. At Providence Regional Medical Center Everett, you'll see a neurohospitalist instead of your neurologist. 

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Neurohospitalists are trained in neurology (the brain and nerves) and work closely with your neurologist to make sure you get high-quality care.

During your hospital stay

You'll be seen by the neurohospitalist who is on call each day. Depending on the schedule, you may see more than one neurohospitalist during your stay.

Your neurohospitalist will:

  • Visit you daily, if there are serious issues
  • Interpret and follow up on tests 
  • Talk to you and your family about your care

Leaving the hospital

After you leave the hospital, you'll return to the care of your primary care physician and, if you have one, your neurologist. The neurohospitalist will give your doctor a copy of notes about your stay at the hospital and the care you were given.


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